The buck starts here

After clamping the subframe on top of my old printer stand to make a vehicle buck, I had somewhere to place all of the components I had gotten so far.  

Importantly, I already got the Hyper9HV motor as well as the HyperDrive X144 motor controller and inverter.  The motor is approx 60kg and man-handling it by myself from its box onto the temporary supports on the buck without hurting my back was a lesson in either humility or resistance training... I'm not sure which.

The red wire spool is some 1/0awg 600-volt flexible welding cable that I'll be using to carry current from the batteries to the inverter, as well as from the inverter to the motor.

The rest of the components to control the batteries and drive the motor I got from ThunderStruck Motors and are seen here sitting on the buck's table, mostly still in their boxes.  Other than a J1772 handle and cable (in orange), you can see the 144V DC-DC converter and the accelerator pedal.

Having the buck on wheels means the family room can still be made usable, by moving the entire thing into a corner.

The X144 inverter and motor controller has a connector and wiring harness that's pretty daunting.  But that's something I'll worry about later.

The Hyper9 motor has a simple keyed driveshaft that has to be mated up somehow with the drivetrain.  That's the next step, I guess.